Production Process

Only the finest wool blends can provide long lasting products and a superior feeling. We use fine Bikaner and New Zealand blended with specific Indian wool fibres to deliver a superior carpet lustre, avoid shedding and provide a product that will last for generations.

We check every batch of yarn for colour, count, fibre length & twist before take it to production to assure precision in every detail.


The dyeing process is handled by modern machinery that provides colour precision. Our waste management system ensures that only treated water is disposed in an envirnomentally friendly way.

With a dyeing capacity of 2000 kgs per day covering dyeing chambers from 5kg to 500kgs, we can deliver quickly with unparalleled speed, consistency and fastness.

ICC has its handloom production in Panipat with over 20 looms for making both broadloom rolls and rugs. ICC has been a pioneer in handloom design innovation with various textures, designs and finishes incorporated in the rugs.

jute Jacquard handloom Weaving 1 Weaving 2 Weaving 3

Machine gun tufting was introduced into India by ICC. Today, most of our tufted carpets are made using electric guns for achieving a fast delivery time and standard quality. Intricate designs are made using hand operated mechanical guns to achieve accuracy and maintain the character of the design.

yarn opening   

ICC uses only synthetic latex for odour free backing, adhesion and flex. ICC also has a drying chamber for machine drying or boradloom rolls upto 4m wide and 25m in length . This ensures that there are no untoward delays on account of adverse weather conditions as well as proper curing of latex.

Latexing & Drying

Some of our most skilled employee work in finishing, assuring that every details is double checked. Also, they are responsible for sculpturing, fine trimming and some other small corrections that might pass unnoticed by many, but not by us.

checking finishing 1 finishing 3 finishing 4

Prior to despatch there is a final inspection before labeling and packing as per standard.

rolling 2 rolling packing